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I stepped into the shower and enjoyed the warm water that washed over my body. The evening had started well and it wasn’t over yet. I was very curious about what he was planning, while there was great pleasure in not knowing. Tonight I was HIS slut and he could do whatever he wanted with me.

I showered for a long time, I have never been a quick showerer. After a long while he came into the bathroom with a Liverpool t-shirt in his hand. I got out of the shower and started to dry myself with the towel.

– Put the net-suit back on and this shirt over it. He’ll get crazy when he sees you!

– Who?

– My little slut. I’m going to have one of my friends come over here and fuck you. I know you need a lot of cock and tonight you’re going to get a taste of what life with me can be like.

He pulled me closer to him, into his arms and kissed me. Then he continued with a whisper in my ear:

– Become my girlfriend and you will get as much cock as you want. Be mine and I will let you fuck all my friends.

A smile spread across my face and he kissed my cheek.

– Get dressed and come out to the living room later.

Then he walked out of the bathroom. I started to get ready and in the meantime I couldn’t stop myself from fantasizing about a life together with him. Was it possible to have the cake and eat it too? A stable relationship with everyday life and everything that comes with it, but at the same time not having to limit my kinky side and get to enjoy sex with several?

I got dressed and went out into the living room. He was sitting on the couch with his back to the doorway. Across from him sat a guy I didn’t recognize. He went speechless when he saw me.

In the middle of writing now I realize that I haven’t given any of them a name. We can call his friend Jekyll and himself Mr.Hyde.

Hyde turned and held out a hand to me. I took it and he pulled me close and I fell into his lap.

– I told you she was hot, didn’t I?

He nibbled on my neck and grabbed my pussy. Jekyll moved closer, took one of my hands in his, and kissed it. Then he looked me in the eyes and said:

– You are incredibly beautiful and it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jekyll.

I blushed. Partly by his words, partly by the eye contact. I like to avoid eye contact if I can.

Hyde’s cock grew hard beneath me. He nipped my neck again and spanked my butt.

– Come on, let him feel you.

Jekyll took my hand and I got up from Hyde’s lap and crawled over the couch to Jekyll instead, straddling him. He looked at me where I sat and our fingers intertwined.

– May I? He asken. I nodded, a little surprised that he asked.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. Caressed my ass, up my back. Letting his fingers slide through my hair, over my cheek and he brought my face to his and kissed me soft and tender. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Hyde sitting and jerking off his big cock.

We kissed for a long time while his hands explored my body. He was so gentle, held me like I was made of glass and he that was honored to enjoy me. It was such a strange but at the same time lovely contrast on the sofa between the tender and the hard.

Now Hyde was getting bored, he needed more action. He pulled me to his lap again and held me facing Jekyll then he spread my legs hard.

– It’s her other lips you should kiss Jekyll, they’re much tastier!

I wasn’t wearing any underwear so my pussy was completely exposed to him now. I could see that he was struggling with his dilemma, on the one hand very eager to taste me, on the other hand very keen to be respectful.

– Come on, she likes it. Sure you do my little slut?

He bit my neck again and I said yes.

Jekyll contented himself with that and lay down on his stomach on the sofa, supporting himself on his elbows. His fingers started caressing me and shortly after that I got to enjoy his lips and tongue. He licked fantastically. Hyde slid his hands under my shirt and he massaged my breasts. I purred, turned my head to him and he kissed me.

After a long moment of pleasure it was Jekyll’s turn to jerk off. Hyde got up from the couch and pulled me up to my knees, he twisted me so I could hold onto the back of the couch with my ass facing him. He grabbed my hips and inserted his cock into my freshly licked pussy which was glistening with saliva and juices. He moaned.

– I’ll show you how my little slut likes to be fucked.

He thrust into me hard and I moaned. He grabbed my hair and fucked me hard. Jekyll sat next to him and jerked off for a while. Then he got up and walked around the sofa, stood behind it at the height of my face and held out his cock. I kissed it and sucked him into my mouth. Now he was moaning too. Hyde let go of my hair and grabbed my hips instead. Jekyll held my head steady.

When Hyde was getting close to come, he pulled his cock out and settled himself. He didn’t want to come yet.

– I need something to drink, take care of Jekyll for now. He spanked my ass hard then he left the room.

I looked up at Jekyll, still with his cock in my mouth. He caressed my cheek and asked if he could penatrate me now. I nodded and he pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was completely glossy with saliva and pulsating hard.

– You might think I’m boring now, but I’d love to make love with you in the missionary. Is that OK with you?

I nodded and laid down on my back on the sofa. Jekyll and Hyde really were like night and day. The best of two worlds meeting. He lowered himself over me, kissed me, looked me deep in the eyes and let his cock slide into me. We both moaned. There is something special about that first moment, when you really get to feel another person for the first time. He moved his hips in long, deep thrusts. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him wherever I could.

Hyde came back into the room and just looked at us for a moment then he said:

– Come on, we’ll go into the bedroom instead. We have to DP her.

Jekyll pulled out of me and helped me off the couch. Hyde caught me in the doorway and escorted me the last bit into the bedroom. Now it was Hyde who ruled the stage. Jekyll laid down on the bed and Hyde told me to ride him. I straddled him once more and rode him well for a while. This time, Hyde coated the cock with lube. With one hand on my back, he bent me forward over Jekyll while kneeling behind me. He let his lubricated glans slide over my anal opening a little so that it too was lubricated, then he began to press his cock into my tight ass again while Jekyll’s cock was buried to the root in my pussy.

It’s been a long time since I was filled this way and my whole body shook with pleasure as both men fucked me. I kissed Jekyll who held his arms around me. Hyde managed the pace. I just had to lie there and receive.

– Let me know when you’re about to come Jekyll and we’ll fill her with our sperm at the same time! I’m very close now.

It wasn’t long before Jekyll gave sign that he was coming soon. Hyde fucked me harder and harder.

– Now! They both screamed then they squirted me full of sperm in both holes.

I could really feel how they both tensed their bodies and how their cocks contracted right before the outburst and how the sperm was shot out of them. It made me so incredibly horny! Hyde bent down and kissed my neck.

– My good little slut.

Then he pulled out of me and I rolled off Jekyll onto my back on the bed and exhaled. I tightened both my pussy and my ass so that their sperm wouldn’t flow out of me.

– Shall we have a cooling beer? Hyde said.

Jekyll nodded in response and we both made a move to get out of bed.

– Stop, stop, stop. Not you slut. You must stay here.

I looked up at him and met his gaze. It was hard and firm so I sank back onto the bed.

– We’d better make sure you don’t come up with any stupid ideas.

He pulled my panties back on and brought out the ropes again and soon after I found myself again tied to the bed with no way to move. He had tied one of my legs to the foot of the bed. The other foot he tied together with my right hand before he tied them both to the edge of the bed by pulling the end of the rope under the bed, on the other side he tied the end with a new rope which he wrapped loosely around my throat where my left hand was also tied . If I tried to break free now, the rope around my throat would be tightened so it would be safest to just lie completely still. I was really stuck, just like he wanted me to be.

– Now there is only one thing missing.

He bent down and rummaged through my bag which was on the floor. Then I heard a vibrating sound. He had found my magic wand. He tucked it into my panties, took a picture of his work and then they both left the room..

The rest of the night faded away in an excited haze. They fucked me several times during the night, both together and in turn, and it wasn’t until the early morning hours that I finally fell asleep in Hyde’s arms, completely exhausted and satisfied. ❤

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