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I’ve decided to try something new – To write in English as well! So here’s the English version of my post Fastbunden – Del 1

I hope you like it! And don’t forget to post your feedback in the comments ❤

We had decided to meet at his house. At this point we had met several times and he, who once several years ago just left me and disappeared from my life was now completely enchanted by me. Every time we saw each other he begged me to be his and to move in with him. But I did not have that desire anymore. It was the sex I came for, nothing else. 

He had cooked dinner and uncorked a bottle of champagne. After dinner I slipped into the toilet and changed into a fishnet body suit. Several sex toys were already lined up on the dresser in the bedroom and ropes were tied to the bedpost. He was waiting for me next to the bed. Naked. Already with a hard cock. 

He couldn’t hide the look of delight when he saw me and I know he wanted to fuck me as hard as he could right there. But he would master himself. We had all night and he had been waiting a long time for this.

He pulled me close to him and gave me a deep tongue kiss, then he gave me a light push so I fell onto my back on top of the bed. He was quickly over me, kissing every millimeter of my body. His lips moved down my arms until they found my fingers which he sucked into his mouth for a moment, then I felt the rope around my wrist tighten before he moved to the other arm then continued down both legs to bind them as well.

My body trembled with both desire and fear. He may be totally smitten with me and treats me like a princess but when it comes to sex a very dominant and almost sadistic side of him takes over and I never know how far he will allow himself to go with his tied up little slut.

He kissed me up my inner thighs and stops with his mouth over my pussy, he breathes slowly.. then he take a quick lunge and he bites me hard and I scream a little before he moves on to licking. Kissing away the pain. He is a very good licker and I am soon completely glossy with juices and saliva. He puts his fingers deep inside me. A wet thumb rests at my anal opening. He bites me again.

He spits in my anal and his thumb starts to massage me and is then gently inserted into my ass. His eyes are glowing, he really loves playing with my holes.

I enjoy how his fingers fill me up and how his tongue continues to lick me. The ropes around my legs have a slightly slack line so it’s no problem for him to lift my ass up with both hands to expose my anus. He literally buries his face into me and gives me an incredibly lovely rimjob. His tongue is taut and he’s fucking my tight little hole with it.

He knows me so well and knows that I feel at my best when both holes get attention at the same time so he takes out a dildo and inserts it into my pussy where I’m lying, then he continues to tongue fuck my ass deep and long. 

I grunt and moan alternately. I absolutely love the way he treats me. I get another bite on one side of the butt, then on my inner thighs. He bites hard as if to restrain himself, but he can’t help bringing his hand down to his hard throbbing cock and give it a little tug. There is a brief moment of silence and I see him struggling to make up his mind. Will he be able to control himself much longer or will he have to fuck me now? 


– I can’t wait any longer, I have to fuck you in the ass! 


Quickly he gets up and straddles my face, hard he drives his cock into my mouth and I feel the taste of his sperm which has made his tip completely shiny. 


– Suck hard and with lots of saliva now, because you don’t get any more lubricant than this. 


I know too well that he means business. He can penetrate me dry if nessesary. If I scream, he just makes sure to cover my mouth and continues, so I sucked him really hard and let the saliva flow. He grabed my head and throatfucked me. He’s so horny and really has to control himself not to cumm down my throat. He has reserved this first cum for my ass.

He pulls out and kneels between my legs, getting ready to fuck me hard as I’m tied down. The dildo in my pussy has almost slipped out so he reinserts it to the root, lifts my ass up and puts a pillow under it, spits in my anal opening and hits it hard with his cock. Allowing the tip of his cock to slide against a little. I bite my lip hard. Then he presses his cock into my ass and a relief spreads over his face and probably over mine too. It’s so clear how nice he thinks it is and for a while he just stands still and enjoys how wonderfull it feels to have my tight ass squeezing his cock, which is inserted to the root. 

I feel amazingly filled up. A cock in the ass and a dildo in the pussy, that must be life, right? 


– My little slut, you are so tight and nice. Get ready to take it hard now because I’m going to fucking fuck you hard and squirt your ass full of cum. 


I leaned my head back into the mattress, pushed my ass up further, smiled and just received him like a good little slut as he fucked my ass harder and harder. Damn, it felt nice! 

It didn’t take long before he cummed and filled me up with his sperm. My whole body was shaking with pleasure, I absolutely love being used and filled properly. 

The sweat was running down his body now and he pulled out of me but he left the dildo in my pussy. He exhaled for a moment before bending down over me and kissing my forehead. 


– Good slut. I’ll get you some more cocks. 


Then he got up and left me alone in the room, still tied up and with the dildo in me.




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  • Mr J

    Wow! Vilken berättelse!! Hade man velat uppleva.

    • Nymphomaniac

      It was amazing <3 och bara början på kvällen, det hände mycket mer spännande saker under natten 😉

      • Mr J

        En sån kväll hade man velat uppleva med dig . Har skickat en liten berättelse till dig om en eventuell morgon/kväll

        • Nymphomaniac

          <3 <3 Blev så kåt av att skriva mitt senaste inlägg precis så ska onanera lite, ska passa på att läsa din berättelse samtidigt!



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